12 Dec

Ahhh!!!! It’s that time of year again…



The time of year that I dread because it means that sleep is a thing of the past, but if I can just make it through these next few days, I’ll get to go home to my family for CHRISTMAS!!!! My finals week is going to be hard this year. I’ve taken one final already, and four more stand between me and the end of my semester. Also, because I’m an RA, I’m required to do “white glove” checks for all the girls on my hall. Basically, I have to make sure their rooms are super clean. It’s not too bad, but between me and my RA partner, we have to do 56!! The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that by Friday at noon, I CAN GO HOME!!! Yayyy!!!!

If you see me this week, I’ll look like one of these two photos…


In case you were wondering, that book does say “Terrorism”

It’s one of my classes!! I love it!


1. You can do it!!!

2. Just a few more days, and sleepless nights, and you will be all finished with this semester!!

3. Make the most of these last few days of the school year, don’t wish them away, even though they may be difficult.

4. Study Hard!

5. Have Fun!

6. Drink LOTS of Coffee!!!

7. Spend time with the LORD!

8. Repeat #6 as many times as needed!

Well…my French book, cup of coffee and John Mayer are calling!!


I’m alive!!

6 Dec



My name is Chelsea. I’m the author of this blog. It may seem as if I’ve fallen off the planet…alas!! I am still alive!! I do apologize for neglecting this blog for so long…life has happened. I plan on writing a nice long post in the next day or so filling you in  on everything that has happened in my life lately, but for now, I’m going to give you a picture journal of my last few months!!


Pumpkin carving for the first time!!

My sister came to visit!!

Military Appreciation Formal

with my brother!

My brother took me flying a dawn!



Sunday, and a daydream!

19 Sep

Sunday is a supposed day of rest, but to be completely honest, it’s an extremely stressful day for me. I save the bulk of my homework and studying for Sunday afternoon/evening, and the result is a grumpy, tired Chelsea. That is hard to admit! While I don’t want to be legalistic, I do want to follow the Lord’s command in having a sabbath. I think next week, I’m going to intentionally do as much of my work this week and on Saturday as I can so that I can fully devote my Sunday to resting.

If I had unlimited money (which I definitely don’t have!) I would absolutely love to take a weekend getaway to the mountains. It would be wonderful just to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy some time alone. I would rise early every morning, and watch the sunrise with a cup of piping hot cup of coffee. Then I would spend as much time as I wanted with my Savior. I would go for walks in the Lord’s beautiful creation! It would be the most wonderful thing!! Ahh, maybe one day!! For now, I’ll just be content with looking at these beautiful pictures!!


Ohhh Monday!!

13 Sep

Today was Monday…

 People tend to abhor Monday’s like nobody’s business, but I’ve decided not to be one of those people!

 It’s a conscious decision, but I don’t want to follow the crowd and just complain all the time. Sure, I’m not jumping up and down on Monday morning when my alarm goes off at 7:00 am, and I’m exhausted and have a full day ahead, but it’s an attitude I choose to adopt. I can either be moody and unhappy and complain all day long, and be that girl. The one that no one wants to be around because all she does is bring others down.

Instead, when I woke up this morning, I purposed in my heart to have a good attitude…

I know that might sound a bit cheesy, but think about it. How many people do you come into contact with on a Monday and when asked how they are doing, all they do is look at you, sigh and say, “Well…(insert another long, heavy sigh here)…it’s Monday!” I challenge you to change your attitude through out the day. Instead of complaining because of a Monday, choose to be thankful that God woke you up another day. You were given a gift!! Don’t loose sight of that!!!!

So here’s my challenge to you:

  • Don’t complain over things that you shouldn’t be wasting your breath on.
  • Look for joy in each day, it’s there!!
  • Be a ray of sunshine to someone who needs it. (Hint hint, show Christ’s love!!!)
  • Sing…singing helps a lot of things!!!


8 Sep

Attention attention…Chelsea Patterson is hereby the worst blogger on the face of this earth!

! I apologize for being so inconsistent, I hope you will forgive me!! How about a little life update?? 🙂

I am pleased to announce that I am back fully into the swing of things here at Liberty! I’ve been back for a month, and classes have been going for 2 weeks. I feel like my summer absolutely flew by, and I’m still trying to talk myself into getting back into study my tail off mode!

Here’s some exciting news in my life!! I’m an RA this year…

I absolutely adore being an RA. It honestly surprised me how much I enjoy it, because my natural personality is not the most administrative (to be completely honest, I’m having to work overtime at making sure I stay on top of all the paperwork, emails, phone calls, etc that I have) and I’m not naturally the most confrontational person either. Even though I’ve been an RA for less than a month, I can already feel myself growing in so many areas. The girls on my hall are the sweetest things ever, and I already have so much love for them. I almost feel like their mother, enforcing certain rules, making sure they are save, etc. I’m not here to be their best friend, but to watch out for their best interests. So far, I’ve gotten to meet some amazing people, and had some incredible opportunities. I’ll definitely keep you updated on this aspect of my life!

On another note,

I am thoroughly enjoying my classes this year! (Yes, I am a nerd!!) Since I’m a junior this year, the majority of my classes are my major classes. It’s so nice to actually look forward to going to your classes, doing the reading, studying, etc. My brain is happy that I don’t have to study math and science anymore, and I can focus all my attention on classes I enjoy!

I have a question, and I need your help!!!

I am always looking to increase my organization skills and work on my time management. If you have any tips or things that have helped you out, PLEASE share them with me. I feel like I need to become wiser in how I manage my time, and I want to honor the Lord in all areas of my life, so I’m currently working on getting a hold of my time!! Thank you in advance for your advice!!


26 Jul

I’ve been MIA recently, but never fear, I’ve been having a good time!! Probably too good of a time!! Recently, my family and I took a trip down to Atlantic beach for a few days. We didn’t think we were going to get to take a vacation this summer, but things worked out and we were able to steal a few days away. It was wonderful to say the least!! I absolutely adore the beach and would live there in an instant if I could!! The first afternoon was spent on the beach just chilling and having a good time…

My brother is completely crazy, and decided to dig a hole in the sand about 6 feet deep, just for the fun of it!!

The next day was spent doing one of my favorite relaxing activities…fishing!! Seriously, I love to fish!! I get so excited when I catch a fish, and there’s nothing like relaxing beside the water!!

I was pretty excited about catching a big one! 🙂

My little brother caught the first one!!

Never fear, mine came soon enough!!

And then came the highlight of my day…I caught JAWS!!!!

Okay, so the shark may have been a bit smaller…

But I was still excited!!!

It was a wonderful day fishing with my two best friends

That night, after dinner we headed back to the beach, although my camera wouldn’t capture the immense beauty of the night, I did my best. There was a full moon, and the moonlight was reflecting over the water…it was gorgeous!!

It was a wonderful few days away!!! Thanks Pops for taking us!!

2 things!

13 Jul

I woke up this morning and…

CUT my hair short impulsively!!!!!!!!


is where I’ll be in less than 24 hours!!!!