12 Dec

Ahhh!!!! It’s that time of year again…



The time of year that I dread because it means that sleep is a thing of the past, but if I can just make it through these next few days, I’ll get to go home to my family for CHRISTMAS!!!! My finals week is going to be hard this year. I’ve taken one final already, and four more stand between me and the end of my semester. Also, because I’m an RA, I’m required to do “white glove” checks for all the girls on my hall. Basically, I have to make sure their rooms are super clean. It’s not too bad, but between me and my RA partner, we have to do 56!! The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that by Friday at noon, I CAN GO HOME!!! Yayyy!!!!

If you see me this week, I’ll look like one of these two photos…


In case you were wondering, that book does say “Terrorism”

It’s one of my classes!! I love it!


1. You can do it!!!

2. Just a few more days, and sleepless nights, and you will be all finished with this semester!!

3. Make the most of these last few days of the school year, don’t wish them away, even though they may be difficult.

4. Study Hard!

5. Have Fun!

6. Drink LOTS of Coffee!!!

7. Spend time with the LORD!

8. Repeat #6 as many times as needed!

Well…my French book, cup of coffee and John Mayer are calling!!


One Response to “FINALS!!”

  1. katelyngarlow December 12, 2011 at 3:39 pm #

    YOU CAN DO IT! I remember finals week… me and library became best friends. Just think of the feeling of accomplishment you will feel once they are all over and you did so well! It is also nice to have the RA position, because it will force you to look away from the books and take a much needed break! You got this girl! Hope to see you over break!

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