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Ohhh Monday!!

13 Sep

Today was Monday…

¬†People tend to abhor Monday’s like nobody’s business, but I’ve decided not to be one of those people!

¬†It’s a conscious decision, but I don’t want to follow the crowd and just complain all the time. Sure, I’m not jumping up and down on Monday morning when my alarm goes off at 7:00 am, and I’m exhausted and have a full day ahead, but it’s an attitude I choose to adopt. I can either be moody and unhappy and complain all day long, and be that girl. The one that no one wants to be around because all she does is bring others down.

Instead, when I woke up this morning, I purposed in my heart to have a good attitude…

I know that might sound a bit cheesy, but think about it. How many people do you come into contact with on a Monday and when asked how they are doing, all they do is look at you, sigh and say, “Well…(insert another long, heavy sigh here)…it’s Monday!” I challenge you to change your attitude through out the day. Instead of complaining because of a Monday, choose to be thankful that God woke you up another day. You were given a gift!! Don’t loose sight of that!!!!

So here’s my challenge to you:

  • Don’t complain over things that you shouldn’t be wasting your breath on.
  • Look for joy in each day, it’s there!!
  • Be a ray of sunshine to someone who needs it. (Hint hint, show Christ’s love!!!)
  • Sing…singing helps a lot of things!!!